Smarter Working

The sustainable oil & gas companies of the future will be those continually seeking ways to do things differently, to do things better. The successful companies will be the ones working smartest.

The Hub is  actively:

  • Structuring its facilities & services to help companies carry out current activities with greater efficiency
  • Applying proven operational best practice from other industries
  • Harnessing new information technology capabilities to achieve higher efficiency and lower cost operations for the Hub and for its client companies


We are not trying to recreate old style support bases for the industry of yesterday. We are building a completely new model … an holistic and adaptable facility providing what the industry needs today and for the future.


The Hub is committed to becoming the regional centre of excellence for critical capabilities and focused on enabling full operational flexibility for the client with:

  • Full control over their own operations within the Hub
  • Properly integrated project planning, management & execution teams
  • Continuous drive to identify ways to increase efficiency & reduce costs
  • Transparency on costs
  • Full HSE, Quality & FCPA compliance

Game Changing Work Models

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Your Organisation and the Hub

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