Game Changing Work Models

’Pit Stop’ Maintenance Model

Effective on-going asset “health” monitoring and proper IMR surveys to determine actual equipment condition and specific maintenance needs / job requirements.

  • Delivering improved operational integrity & reduced NPT through rolling maintenance programs during on-going rig operations:
  • Enabling offshore SPSs & eliminating unnecessary quayside rig stop overruns
  • IMR properly planned ahead & executed by integrated project maintenance teams
  • ‘Pit Stop’ maintenance execution with assured safety / quality / time / cost


‘White Label’ Model

Deliberately structured Hub operational model to provide companies with total operational flexibility:

  • Availability when required, for whatever purpose and in the way clients wish to use it
  • Facilities & services specifically defined according to client’s actual needs
  • Costs defined by client’s actual usage – only what is used, when it’s being used