The Mediterranean Maritime Hub, through its core service provider, MMH Malta Ltd. and other Hub partners, will set itself apart by establishing and maintaining unique regional centres of excellence for key aspects of capability and capacity required by the industry.


Full Service Provision

  • Regional operations & offshore support base
  • Major project mobilisation & demobilisation
  • Fabrication, upgrades & modifications
  • Inspection, maintenance & repair
  • Full supply chain provision & management
  • Logistics & port services
  • Training
  • Crew provision & logistics


In addition to the core services offered by MMH, the Hub seeks to attract a range of specialist organisations capable of providing their world class services as part of the Hub’s holistic offering. An holistic supply chain offering in a single location enables higher efficiency and more cost-effective delivery.

Hub Constituents share a common and integrated approach to service provision and a commitment to service excellence and developing and delivering new and more efficient ways of working.

If an organisation is based in the Hub, it is your guarantee of reliability.

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MMH Reliabilty in onshore and offshore support.
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Technical Alliances

Organisations who through the Hub offer services such inspection, maintenance and repairs (IMR) to cover a myriad of service offerings including:

  • Turbo Charging Services and Support

  • Mechanical Inspection, Maintenance and Repair services on a diverse range and size of petrol and diesel engines

  • provision of hydraulic systems expertise

  • Provision of electrical networks installation support and services of electrical motors

  • Certified lifting and handling services in conjunction with MMH – up to the lifting capacity of 300te

Training Alliances

A one stop shop location to meet all your training needs, with special focus on the following courses:

  • Well Control courses

  • CompEx courses

  • Welding Courses

  • Emergency Response (BOSIET, HUET, OIM, MEMIR)

  • Fire Safety Training

  • Lifting Courses

  • ROV Courses

  • Marine Licencing Courses (Stability and OIM)