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Excerpt on the Hub:

The Mediterranean Maritime Hub is at the centre of Malta’s growing status as the regional centre of service support for the marine, oil and gas industry in the Mediterranean.
Strategically-located at Valetta Port in Malta, the Hub is developing an holistic services offering that will enable companies to access the complete range of high quality supply chain support that they require, in a single location.
With a total site area of 165,000m², 1,200m² of linear quaysides and 70,000m² of internal and external storage areas, as well as maintenance workshops, rental office space and a fully equipped training facility, the hub is purpose-built to support the subsea, drilling, production and marine sectors, delivering predictable, reliable and repeatable service provision.
The Mediterranean Maritime Hub is already a major asset for the industry and will be an enduring  key enabler for efficient, cost-effective and safe operations in the Mediterranean as the region increases in importance within the global energy sector.