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A Joint Venture between the MMH Malta Ltd and the PB Group of Companies


MMH Malta ltd, operator of the Mediterranean Maritime Hub, has agreed with the PB Group of Companies to join forces in the further development of the oil & gas service industry in Malta, North Africa and the Mediterranean region, with a long-term objective of consolidating these services within the Mediterranean Maritime Hub.


The Joint Venture Agreement was signed by Ms. Angelique Maggi (Deputy Chairperson of MMH Malta Ltd) and Mr John Naudi (Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the PB Group of Companies) in the presence of various stakeholders and clients, on the 27th March 2019 at the OMC 2019 Exhibition held in Ravenna.


With a physical presence and direct operational and business development setup in Malta, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Uganda, Congo and Ghana, OGMED may now be considered as the leading oil & gas services operator in Malta.


Angelique Maggi, MMH Deputy Chairperson and John Naudi, Founder and CEO of PB Group of Companies


A dedicated area within the Mediterranean Maritime Hub has been identified for the JV’s market consolidation strategic plan. “We want to strengthen the dynamics of the oil & gas service industry in Malta, through the consolidation of the facilities at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub to further attract talent, technology and competent ownership on a global scale”, said John Naudi the CEO of the PB Group of Companies.


Joseph Maggi, CEO of MMH added, “whilst the Mediterranean Maritime Hub has already established itself as an industry logistics and service hub, this JV provides a comprehensive supply, logistics and technical service capabilities, which will further strengthen and enhance the Hub’s attractiveness to key players in the oil and gas industry.”


OGMED brings together two leading local operators in this sector. The convergence of talent and resources of both the PB Group and MMH, will make OGMED the automatic choice as partner for development of the Oil & Gas in the Mediterranean, Southern Europe and Africa.

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